Gateway to Adventure

Blindenstone part 1

Carsys and Chun Shik, believing that with the brewing counterfeit money scam about to boil over in town, decide to accompany Thorian back to dwarven high command to report the loss of the soldier under his command. On their way out the door of the Laden Cart in Gateway, they meet Kaden, a halfling fighter who has tired of the poor wages paid to him as a caravan guard. He decides to accompany them and see if he can get better wages as an adventurer.

When Thorian reports to high command, they assign him a cleric, Stonehammer, and order him to assist the Svirfneblin of Blindenstone in putting their city in order. The intrepid heros set off into the Underdark, and other than meeting three orcs, have a fairly uneventful journey.

When they reach Blindenstone, things appear every bit as bleak as reported. The Svirfneblin weapons are on the edge of failure and it doesn’t look like the sentries can withstand many more attacks.

Burrow Warden Kargien claims to need to clear the House Center for the symbolic victory it will give his people. But he also wants the crown of King Schnicktick, who died defending the area. The adventurers set off to the House Center. They defeat the wight that haunted the House Center, along with various other undead, and in the process Thorian and Chun Shik level up.

Days 1-6-the story so far
Caves of Chaos

Days 1-6 of the adventure take place in the human town of Gateway and the Caves of Chaos. The mayor’s daughter and some friends had been outside of the wall and had been captured by some sort of monster. One friend had escaped and made it back to town to tell the tale.

Four adventurers went forth and battled their way through the lair of the Kobolds, but failed to find the missing children. A separate dwarf patrol of two entered the goblin quarters, only to have the private (fighter) slain and the lieutenant (paladin) captured after trying to take on an ogre. The original four adventurers, plus a monk, then slaughtered the goblins and ogre, and then went on to defeat the hobgoblins and rescue the children from the hobgoblin prison.


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