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Blindenstone part 1


Carsys and Chun Shik, believing that with the brewing counterfeit money scam about to boil over in town, decide to accompany Thorian back to dwarven high command to report the loss of the soldier under his command. On their way out the door of the Laden Cart in Gateway, they meet Kaden, a halfling fighter who has tired of the poor wages paid to him as a caravan guard. He decides to accompany them and see if he can get better wages as an adventurer.

When Thorian reports to high command, they assign him a cleric, Stonehammer, and order him to assist the Svirfneblin of Blindenstone in putting their city in order. The intrepid heros set off into the Underdark, and other than meeting three orcs, have a fairly uneventful journey.

When they reach Blindenstone, things appear every bit as bleak as reported. The Svirfneblin weapons are on the edge of failure and it doesn’t look like the sentries can withstand many more attacks.

Burrow Warden Kargien claims to need to clear the House Center for the symbolic victory it will give his people. But he also wants the crown of King Schnicktick, who died defending the area. The adventurers set off to the House Center. They defeat the wight that haunted the House Center, along with various other undead, and in the process Thorian and Chun Shik level up.


The retelling of our adventure, by Kaiden Songheart:

Allow me to tell you the tale of how I Kaiden, started my first adventure with the Champions of the Deep.

I had just finished my first job after my training with the Military. I delivered goods to the city [insert city name here, didn’t catch it] and was not happy with the pay at all. Of course the job was easy, but I was destined for greater things (and more gold).

As I entered the city, I was going to get a pint of Ale at the local inn. As I was trying to enter, a giant of a man almost crushed me. I expected the usual for someone of his size to people of my physical stature, but he was kind. There was warmth about him and he apologized. I saw this as an opportunity to question him about employment. He mentioned that he was in a group, and they were about to depart on an adventure. Now I tell you, I would have normally thanked him for the offer and went on my way, but something about him compelled me to join. He used the word adventure and has the promise of coin, which is enough to inspire any living man into action.

I agreed to join this Monk and found out his name was Chung Shik. The rest of the group had fellow Halfling Carsys who was a rogue for the Jewler’s Guild, a gruff Dwarven Paladin named Thorian (what can you expect from Dwarves?) and an inquisitive Dwarven cleric by the name of Ironshield. They conferred some party members were missing, but I Kaiden Songheart was a great fit for their troupe.

We headed out of the city to the Dwarven City of [insert Dwarven City name here] where the Dwarves were fairly upset with the Paladin. It was at this point that I found out he had let a fellow companion die! I made not to nit depend on him for my rescue and be prepared to be in over my head. The Dwarves beckoned us to go into the Deep to re-establish trade with the Deep Gnomes in the city of Glendonstone.

Now I had never been in the Deep, but I figure this will make a great Epic, and at this point, I couldn’t turn back. The Dwarves of the city provided us with some generous supplies (not all Dwarves are grumpy) and we began our decent through a shaft. We cross the glowing mushroom forest, Carsys catches a blindfish and starts cooking it on a torch, and we continue on for 12 hours. At this point, Carsys and Thorian were about to pass out, though Thorian denies being tired, silly Dwarf, and we find respite at a Mill.

I say I’ll take first shift and Chung meditates. He and I are outside the Mill, when Chung, in his meditative state, spots three Orcs incoming. How he did it is beyond me, but I make a note not to mess with him. We wake the others and the Orcs start charging violently. Poor Orc mentality, Swing first, eat later. Never can get a in a good conversation with them. Anyways, we go to battle I ping the first Orc with one of my darts at 50 feet, and Chung does this impressive flying drop kick to take him out. Quite the site seeing a 6-foot man be so graceful, it was like poetry in motion. Inspired by Chung, I slice and dice the second Orc with my Axes. Not convinced the first was dead, Chung kicks the first Orc again. I suppose one has to be sure in the Deep. Finally, Carsys disposes the third Orc with an amazing shot from her shortbow. We go back to sleep and continue on.

We get to the city of Glenfonestone, and the Gnome we meet is cranky. He leads us through this impossible maze, to the inner city where I can see why he is cranky. The Gnomes are all very battleworn.; dirtied armor here, blood there, worn weapons here. I truly felt for them, and glad I came to help as long as it did not claim my life. We speak to a lovely older lady who is very flirtatious, as she should be with my good looks, and asks us to deal with an “evil spirit” as she puts it who is controlling the fire elementals of the forge. She tells us we can get some information on the elemental from the Pechs, small earth elementals.

The party runs into the Warden of the city, note he has a really shiny and nice amulet, and asks us to clear a house where the king used to reside. The king is surely dead in there and he wants us to reclaim the crown. We discuss it a bit and decide to go talk to the Pechs.

The silly party was scaring off the Pechs because they had their weapons out, however, I approached them in a kind demeanor and they started talking to me. I learn that the “evil spirit” is none other than the Great Orgemox Bane, and evil Earth Elemental who is immune to non-magical damage! Well this is a plight indeed. We learn that there are a few ways to defeat Ogremox Bane, one is his brother was summoned by the Gnomes at a different location and he provides a blessing to digging of some sort. The Pechs believe that if we got rid of the blessing of Entmoch (Orgemox’s evil brother) the bane of Ogremox would vanish as well. The Pechs also share that they could keep the fire elementals in check if we decide to attack Ogremox, but that we would have to do the some favors. We would have to get the Gnomes to agree to not mine in the Pech’s caves, defeat the Kobolds to the South and Orcs to the North.

We decide to go back to town and talk to the Warden to see if he could give us some magical weapons to attack Ogremox, Thorian was really, really, really nice to him, but overall unsuccessful. The two Dwarves start jabbering in what I think is Dwarven, so I decide to go talk to the nice lady. I explain our plight to her, and she gives me a magical Hand Axe. I vow I will vanquish this Elemental!!! When I return, the Dwarves have agreed to reclaim the crown of the Gnomish king so we set off for the house.

As we are travelling to the house, two zombie orcs attack us. I decide to try out this magical axe and throw it at one of the Zombie Orcs sticking it nicely into its chest. Chung tries to do his flying kick again, but actually flies over the Zombie Orc’s head. Confusing, but I close the ranks and kill the first Zombie Orc with my Battleaxes. Chung recovers his composure and knocks the arm off the second Zombie Orc. Carsys then lands an arrow in the skull of the Zombie Orc, and he falls over.

We make it uneventfully to the house, where Carsys spies 4 Fire Beetles in the room. She quickly attack and kills the first one, I kill the second with my Battleaxe, Chung squashes the third one and the Carsys kills the last one. The Fire Beetles actually have some natural lanterns for antennas and we decide to cut them off and use them.

Now I know what you are asking yourself, what have the Dwarves done? If I knew, I would be glad to answer that question. As we carry on, the cleric takes point and I line up next to him eager for battle. We discover a secret panel and enter it. Carsys unlocks it, drops down a hole and finds 6 gold! Something leads me to believe that there was more down there though….

As we continue through the halls, Ironshield decides to open this door. I mean he just opens it, doesn’t try to peer through it, doesn’t try to listen, he just barges in like it’s the local tavern. Well, at this point, there are 15 bat-like creatures which are called Stirges. I am so flustered, I cannot his anything, in fact, I was really slow to react. The party deals with them, but we are wounded. Thorian decides to heal us, and we carry on. I tell you listeners, it was a not a pretty sight.

The next door we get to, Ironshield sees if he can hear anything. He determines he hears bones creaking. Now I have not seen a skeleton, so I was both excited and cautious. We enter the room, and there an Undead Drow sits with the dead king as a footstool. A couple of skeltons and zombies accompany him. The Drow demands homage from us and Chung, saying the first words since he spotted the Three Orcs in our first encounter, says “What have you done to deserve tribute”, A bold question from a bold man. The Drow tells his cohorts to “take us away” and Ironshield says he will pay homage. The Drow “You will bow before me?” and Ironshield approaches him. I admit I was dumbfounded. I did not know these guys very well, but they did not seem like the type to give in so easily. But as the cleric begins to kneel, a bright light explodes from his body felling one of the Skeletons and seemingly hurting the rest of the undead. I spring into action and kill the Zombie on the left. And a ring of fire comes from Chung that kills all but the Drow and a last Zombie. The Drow hits Chung very hard but Carsys snipes him down. Ironshield jumps over and kills the last Zombie. We search around the room and find 135 silver, 26 gold, 94 copper a Long Sword with a Fire Opal in the hilt worth about 100 gold I’d say, A nice amulet with the word Sunis on it and the King’s Crown. Ironshield casts detect magic and learns there are faint auras on the Amulet and the crown.

We will have to stop here for now, but I shall continue the story next time of how I came to fight with the Champions of the Deep.

Blindenstone part 1
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